Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Being Broke

Being Broke a subjective observation: 
Which is only relative to what you usually enjoy .
Lets try and put this into some 1st-world perspective. .

(1st-world) broke defined: when all the below are your daily reality 365 days year in year out.
a. No Assets (I mean none what so ever) 
b. No credit facilities (I mean none what so ever) 
c. No cash at ALL (anywhere) I'm not talking spare cash. (I mean NO Cash period.) 
d. Bank Balance daily average 365 days always under $8.00 & over 60% of the year is about $2.00
So Are you really broke & doing it tough really . . .

Tip: Be objective not subjective .
Thank God Daily that you are NOT BROKE .. In fact 
Thank Him for the wealth You have & ask him what does He want you to do with all His wealth He's getting you to watch over.
Rev. Gary

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