Sunday, November 3, 2013


Here are the top 10 strangest given for wanting to work in a foreign country, courtesy of Global Visas, a British immigration consultancy.

1. A South African man stated on his visa application that he wanted to go to Romania to work as a vampire hunter. (Good choice: The historic region of Transylvania, home of Count Dracula, is in Romania.) [Famous Fangs: 9 Tales of Our Favorite Vampires]

2. When applying for a British visa, a Brazilian man stated he hoped to bring "flamenco to the streets of Norwich," where the zesty allure of flamenco is apparently a rare commodity.

3. A Russian woman applied for a European visa to work as a prostitute in the Netherlands, where the world's oldest profession has been legal since 1830.

4. An embalmer from Mexico applied for a visa to bring his grim trade to Spain, but after his lengthy criminal record was dug up, the visa was denied.

5. On his European visa application, a man from Mali stated he was skilled with a pi-rogue (a type of fishing boat, as well as a kind of savory pie). Naturally, his career aspiration was to be a gondolier in Venice.

6. On his U.S. visa application, a British man listed his profession as "dog food taster."

7. A man in the Philippines applied for a travel visa to Australia, because he was "evading the local authorities."

8. A woman from France was hoping to move to the United States to pursue greater opportunities in her chosen profession as a "foot model."

9. A woman applied for a visa to work in the United Kingdom, where she reportedly had "seasonal work as a zombie." (Apparently, zombies aren't needed in the U.K. year-round.)

10. A man from Peru applied for a European visa to work as an "alpaca shearer" during "shearing season."

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